About the Great Country of Russia!


Russia has always been a very influential country in the history. Since its victory in World War 2, it enjoys the status of being a super power. It is the largest country of world by its size. Russia is a multi- continent country, situated in northern Eurasia and neighbouring to 14 European and Asian counties. Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation. Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, Omsk, Kazan are the next largest cities of Russia. Majority of Russian people follow orthodox Christianity. Islam is the second largest religion in Russia.

Russians are about 12 centuries old nation, having their origin since 9th century. Russian culture is a perfect mixture of the traditions of Russians, Slavics, Tatars, Bashkir, Caucasusians, Turks, Ukrainian people.

Unique style of Russian art, Russian literature and Russian architecture is an adoption from 160 different communities and ethnic groups living there. These people are highly rooted in their family traditions. Every aspect of life in Russia is connected with civilized manners etiquettes and social rituals.

Russia Today!

Russian Federation is officially a Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic. It has 85 administrative federal subjects, as Republics, Autonomous Oblast, Oblasts (Provinces), Krais (territories) and Okrugs. Russia is a permanent member of United Nations Security Council.

Division of Russian Federation in Federal Districts

Russia is among the fastest growing economies of the world and stands as the 6th largest economy after US, European Union, China, Germany and Japan. It is the most enriched country for natural resources of oil and gas, metals, precious minerals and energy resources in the world. They are the 3rd largest producer of electricity in world. Russian ammunitions and military technologies are known as the most competent ones.

Russia is the 9th most populous country with an unemployment rate of only 5%. It has the literacy rate of 99.7% with largest number of graduates in the world. Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University are the two most prestigious educational institutes of Russia. They are ranked among the Top 100 universities of the world.

Russian language is the national language of Russia. It is accepted as the official language of United Nations. Russian language is the second most used language on Internet after English.

Russian land is connected with 12 seas. Russia has the largest resource of fresh drinking water in the world. Capital Moscow is also famous as “the port of the five seas”, because of its coast line with Baltic, Black, White, Azov and Caspian Black Seas!

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