Pakistani People

Pakistan is the 6th largest country of the world by its population. Today, we have nearly grown to about 220 million in population.

Pakistan people are a made up of many Asian communities. Pakistani is known as a multi ethnic country. Our ancestors have migrated from several neighboring regions. Like Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and mostly from the Indian sub-continent.

With this huge ethnic and linguistic diversity, people of Pakistan have also inherited an amazing cultural diversity. Pakistan people mostly belong to Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan Balochi Seraiki and Kashmiri families. 97% of Pakistani people are the followers of Islam. Majority of Muslims in Pakistan belong to the Sunni community. While 20% of Pakistani Muslims follow Shia – ism.

Pakistani young people enjoying Independence day

Social and Family System in Pakistan

All these people of Pakistan have regional and cultural differences. But we all have a strong prevalence of Islamic rituals in our society. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. Other than our regional languages, about 45 % Pakistani people can also English as well.

Family respect is very important in Pakistani culture. The most aged person is considered as the most respected and experienced member in the family. Pakistani families are very large. Every couple normally has four to six children.

Weddings are the most celebrated event in the family. Fancy wedding preparations starts even before a year of the ceremony. The wedding functions are full of colorful decorations, traditional Pakistani dishes and deserts of different kinds. Pakistani brides wear red and gold color dresses with heavy jewels. And the groom wears a golden, white or black traditional Sherwani.  All the family members presents a monetary gift to the newly wed bride and groom, known as Salami.

Punjabi people of Pakistan

Punjabi people are known for their attractive culture. Punjab is our largest province with the population. About 48% Pakistani people are Punjabis. They are very hardworking people. Most of Punjabis are farmers.

Punjabi people very warmly welcome their guests. Punjabis are known for their lively nature. Lassi and Saag are the special dishes of Punjab.

Sindhi people of Pakistan

Sindhi people are those living near to River Indus (Darya e Sindh). Sindhi people have a strong influence of Sufism or spiritualism in their cultue.

Sindhi Ajrack is very famous in Sindh. It is the symbol for Sindlhi culture now. It is a specially prepared shawal. With vegetarian dyes in black, blue and yellow patterns.

Sindhi Girls performing their cultural celebrations

Balochi people of Pakistan

Balochistan is our largest province by area. Balochi people are known for their valor. They are also very welcoming for their guests. They live in tribal setups. They have high ethical values. And known for their sincerity and faithfulness.

Buzkashi is the famous local festival of Balochi people. It’s a goat dragging competition among horse riders.

Local Dress of Balochi People

Pathan people of Pakistan

Pathans are known as Pashtuns. These are the people living in our frontier areas. These belong have their earlier origin from Afghanistan. They follow very close cultural values of Afghans. Pathan people are the most genius community of Pakistan.

Pathan people performing their cultural dance

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