President of Pakistan

President of Pakistan is known as the Ṣadr-e Mumlikat-e Pakistan in Urdu.  The President is considered as our Head of State by law. Our president is having major ceremonial duties as per the constitution of Pakistan.

President of Pakistan holds his office in Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad. (The presidential palace in the capital of Pakistan). The President is the civil commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Armed Forces. He also acts as the chairman of the National Security Council of Pakistan. He holds the title of de jure (Concerning the laws) in the state.

The President is elected for the term of 5 years in Pakistan. He is elected by the Electoral College of Pakistan. This Electoral College of Pakistan includes the members of Senate, National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies.

About Mr. Arif Alvi. The 13th President of Pakistan

Mr. Arif Alvi is  currently serving as the 12th President of Pakistan. He took his oath as the President of Pakistan 9th September 2018.

The constitution of Pakistan entitles him as the “ Head of State “ and “ Commander in Chief of Pakistan Armed Forces”

The President is the symbol of the unity of Pakistan, as a Parliamentary Democratic Republic!

The President of Pakistan is also responsible for presenting his advice to the Parliament House (the Majlis-e-Shoora  of Pakistan). His advice is taken over  all the legislative affairs of the country and proceedings of the Parliament.

The Prime Minister is the next most government executive in Pakistan. The Prime ministers seeks the advice of the president in all the internal and foreign affairs of the country.

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